peacefulfish's mission is to offer strategic consulting services to companies in the fields of production, digital distribution and also to policy makers, financiers and brands working in the content industry.



Media Deals

Media Deals is a pan-European network bringing together private investors and innovative entrepreneurs operating in the media field (film, TV, mobile, music, video games, digital distribution).

Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap is a training course for film, television, trans-media, and games producers offered by peacefulfish, Mediadeals and international tutors and experts with the support of Aoulia Film Commission (Bari) and the Mallorca Film Commission (Palma).


Site dedicated to European cinema, European films, European actors, European filmmakers, European professionals, producers, distributors, sales agents, scriptwriters, film finance and the film industry as a whole.



IMPALA (Independent Music Companies Association) is a non profit making organisation with an artistic and scientific purpose, to generate more and better information about SME music operators and to promote the expansion and competitiveness of independent music.



SoundTrack_Cologne is the German festival of music and sound in film and media. Since its inception, with its congress as well as festival program, SoundTrack_Cologne has developed into the leading platform for music in film and the media in the German-speaking world.

Zentropa Music

Led by music supervisor Mikkel Maltha, Zentropa Music is the music division of one of Europe's most acclaimed movie production houses, Zentropa Entertainments and functions as a full service music supervision agency that crosses the fields of film, television and advertising. Zentropa is praised around the world for its artistic and visionary directors such as Lars von Trier, Susanne Bier, Thomas Vinterberg, Lone Scherfig, Per Fly, Pernille Fischer Christensen and many more.   

Marie Sabbah Agency

Marie Sabbah Agency provides French producers and film directors with a full range of film music services including music supervision, score coordination, and music rights administration.


Led by music supervisor Pia Hoffmann, musicsupervising is a consultancy for music concepts, licensing, and rights exploitation for film music and offers film producers and directors with tailor-made music supervision services and a unique expertise of the indie music scene.


Belgium-based Cinemuse offers music supervision and production services. The company is led by former Walt Disney Pictures music vice-president and Grammy Award winning music producer Andy Hill. 

For inquiries: +32 471 87 13 63 

The Cutting Edge Group

The Cutting Edge Group is the leading international full service provider of music for the film, television and advertising in-dustries, with a main focus on the UK-US markets. The company offers a fully equipped music department for independent producers. From 2012 onwards, Just Temptation and Cutting Edge plan to collaborate on large-scale projects.

The Perfect Kiss

The Perfect Kiss is a successful independant record label based in Paris mostly known for its succesful Nouvelle Vague releases. The label benefits from PIAS and Peacefrog distribution and works with music artists such as Marc Collin, Phoebe Killdeer, Olga Kouklaki, or Bird Paula.



Believe Digital

Believe Digital is the leading digital distributor and services provider for independent artists & labels in Europe.

Pop Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg

The Pop Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg combines all relevant aspects of popular culture and creates synergies in order to maximize the creative and economic output of the music business