Aware of the fact that film producers and directors often lack the budget for film music and consequently miss out on related marketing opportunities, Just Temptation is committed to provide them with funding for original music.

Our aim is to finance and supervise the production, distribution and marketing of your soundtrack in order to enhance the film's artistic aspects while improving the visibility of the film release and maximising financial returns of the soundtrack exploitation.

The film projects we finance are selected according to the following criteria:
  • art house, commercial or genre movies
  • film budget between 1 and 15 million euros
  • at least 40% of the film budget already in place
  • commercial potential: script, cast, financing plan, film director
  • film distribution platforms: theatrical distributors involved, TV pre-sales 
  • importance of the music for telling the story
Our original music funding can contribute to: 
  • improve the soundtrack’s quality to match the production level of the pictures
  • increase private investments rate in order to help raise subsidies
  • close the financial gap at a late pre-production phase
  • prevent cash-flow problems at post-production phase
  • keep the film music budget afloat in situations where production costs may explode

The main benefits of our offer include: 

  • music investment entirely independent from the rest of the film’s finances
  • increased music budget
  • improved soundtrack
  • secured music distribution
  • broader transmedia strategy and soundtrack-based marketing
  • higher performance through film music promotion
Do not hesitate to submit your film project for evaluation or to contact us for more information at: